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Totally Not Fake News: Just Another Game

PHONEIX, AZ – Perhaps one of the biggest surprises to this NFL season has two parts to it. One part has the Arizona Cardinals, generally regarded as the worst team in the meatgrinder that is the NFC prior to the start of the season, as the sole remaining unbeaten team at 6-0. The second part is generally how quiet that 6-0 has been, relative to other NFL headlines. “Between all the drama with Aaron Rodgers, other teams quarterbacks, the struggles of the Chiefs, Tom Brady winning in New England wearing another team’s colors, Urban Meyer, Jon Gruden and Dan Snyder all in a race to determine who is the biggest [Easterby] of a NFL leader, you would probably have little to no time to read about the team in Arizona” observed some random dude our intrepid Totally Not Fake News reporter talked with at a local Starbucks.