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Thursday Morning Hot Links

It's been a rough 36 hours over here at ACHQ. The site went down for a few hours because I forgot I got a new debit card in the last two years and did not update my domain registration. It got fixed, but it was A Complication. I am not into Complications. Also, as many of you know, I teach AP US History (and US History). I worked at the Baseball Hall of Fame, a Dream Job. Teaching APUSH is also a Dream Job. Anyway, another US History teacher has been fudging their test data all year. Mix in that the Folks From Downtown don't like me (long hair, tattoos, I know my stuff, my students really like me, I'm not a Career Educator, and my classroom is "too comfortable" in that I don't have any windows so I put up Christmas lights and lamps, to name a few) and they've made a switch for next year.