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Five Astros Minor-Leaguers

I picked five Astros minor-leaguers whose 2020 season I'm excited about. This isn't the Five Best Minor-Leaguers In The System, or anything like that, just five dudes I'm looking forward to following in 2020...

Valente Bellozo
Bellozo just turned 20 years old and made his domestic debut in 2019. In 58.1IP, Bellozo allowed 35H/11ER, 69K:12BB for a 1.70 ERA/0.81 WHIP with 10.6 K/9 and 1.9 BB/9. He has not allowed a home run in 110 professional innings pitched. Obviously it's early, but I'm looking forward to what he can do at Quad Cities to start 2020, and get to Fayetteville mid-season.