Could the Astros trade away Dexter Fowler?

In this Astros rumors and news update, one MLB writer thinks that the Houston Astros could benefit from trading away center fielder Dexter Fowler - especially if price increases due to interest on the trade market.

According to Jesse Spector of Sporting News, "Fowler probably only would be worth moving for the Astros if they felt they were getting back something better than what they gave up, which is not impossible."

However, the problem with moving Fowler might be his defensive capabilities, which are tracked by most metrics as being substandard. His speed and solid bat from an average standpoint could outweigh that, but only if interested teams can look past his propensity to give up runs based on bad outfield positioning and errors.

Spector posits the Braves, Cardinals, Giants, and Mariners as potential suitors. If they indeed are, the Astros could make a good return on their December trade for Fowler after giving up Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles in December.


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