Words Of Reassurance To Packer Fans

I know the loss to the Giants may hurt for a while, because you all had Super Bowl expectations for this team, but please remember, these Packers are not going anywhere.

As long as Aaron Rodgers is at quarterback, the Packers will contend for a Super Bowl every single year. Rodgers is in his prime right now and has a great supporting cast around him that will all, for the most part, be back next season.

As for another painful playoff loss to the New York Giants, Rodgers said it best in his post-game news conference: "We played championship caliber games in the regular season, we just didn't have it tonight."

Rodgers' words are so true, that any NFL team can afford to play mediocre football in the regular season as long as you make the playoffs, then anything is possible. All a team has to do is get hot at the right time, and they can make a run to a Super Bowl title, much like the 6-seeded Packers did one year ago.

The downfall of the Packers this year was that they hit their stride at mid-season and it all seemingly went downhill from there. Their best football was played in the regular season, while the New York Giants played playoff-type games just to get in, and now they're riding the hot streak into the NFC championship game.

Although the loss may hurt, the Packers still have the NFL MVP, and #12 will lead the Pack into plenty more playoff games in his career. This season of flirting with perfection and high expectations will only teach them a lesson, as they regroup and prepare for the 2012-2013 NFL season.

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