Packers v. Seahawks: The Final Play

One of the worst calls in modern NFL history broken down frame by frame.

Please God, NFL, get the dang real refs back on the field.

Russell Wilson gets the shotgun snap:

Wilson analyzes the field and drops back:

Wilson rolls to his left:


Wilson heaves the ball towards end zone under pressure:


Ball to enters hands of Packers safety M.D. Jennings


Jennings fights for ball with Seahawks WR Golden Tate:


One ref says touchback, one says touchdown?!?:


The refs then decide to look at who actually has the ball:


Slow-Mo Replay - Jennings has it:


Replay - Jennings still has it:


Lets try another angle - Jennings still has it:

(fan in #21 jersey has the Zapruder film)


Slow-Mo - One ref calls TD, closes ref to play (left) signals touchback (interception):


Final call: It's good:

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