Halftime Quick Hitters: Packers Roll To 28-0 Lead On Minnesota After Two

The Packers started hot and didn't take their foot off the gas, leaving a Teddy Bridgewater-less Vikings squad trailing 28-0 at the half.

Biggest Play: Without a doubt, Aaron Rodgers' 66-yard strike to Jordy Nelson, which extended Green Bay's lead to 14-0 and effectively blew this game open. While Julius Peppers gets a very honorable mention for his 49-yard (!) interception return, the Rodgers-to-Nelson strike wins out because of the impact it had on the game's momentum.

Biggest Surprise: We knew Christian Ponder was no Peyton Manning, but we didn't expect him to come out looking like a poor man's Mark Sanchez. Even if Ponder's backup was flipping burgers 12 hours ago, we'd still expect to see him at some point in the second half.

Packers Key Player: Aaron Rodgers is on fire today, and goes into the half 9/14 for 112 yards and 3 TDs.

Vikings Key Player: The Vikings have been an absolute train wreck so far tonight, so we're gonna go ahead and hand this one to Teddy Bridgewater. If losing Bridgewater turns this team from a competent NFC squad into the Oaklandville Jagskins, he definitely wins this over anyone on the field today.

Second-Half Prediction: SPOILER ALERT: it looks like the Packers might have the edge in this one, you guys.  

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