Green Bay Packers Rumors: Brian Ulracher’s Retirement News Is Fake?

The problem with fake news spreading like wildfire is that there are people who actually believe it. This is exactly what happened with a certain news written about one of the players of the Green Bay Packers, Brian Ulracher. A sports satire website spread a fake story about the player’s so called decision to sign a contract for a day and then finally retire as a Green Bay Packer.

The fake story even had fake quotes from the player too.

The truth of the matter is that Urlacher did not retire at all as a Packer. He retired as a Chicago Bear last Wednesday. This decision actually makes sense since it is with the Bears that he spent his career that ran for 13 years. The problem only became worse when someone from NESN saw the story and decided to show it as one of the top stories during a live baseball broadcast.

This is one unfortunate event that most should learn big lessons from. At least now, we all know what’s true with this one.

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