Green Bay Packers News: Who is Terrell Manning?

Many thought that Ted Thompson struck gold upon selecting Terrell Manning from the North Carolina State University during the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Even if he just played for a total of three seasons with two as his starter, he was able to rang up about 193 tackles along with 27 stops.

He also demonstrated rush skills with the pass even when playing off the scrimmage line. That is one huge production from a new guy! After having suffered from a couple of knee injuries during his college years, he chose to forgo his eligibility during the senior year.

Manning’s strongest asset is his being consistent when being excellent in tackling. This is a skill that is highly needed by the Green Bay Packers linebackers coach Kevin Greene. Greene was a superior run stopped too and pass rushed for all 15 season of the NFL.

For the defense that the Packers is desperate for, the one with more aggression and quality, it seems that Manning fits the job. This 6’2” linebacker weighing 230 pounds always had his way around in rising to the occasion to be a total standout. He already showed this at the North Carolina State even in the midst of injuries making him play his way through pain.

Surely, Manning will play a very important role in the Green Bay Packers team.

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