4 Reasons Why The Green Bay Packers Can Win The Super Bowl This Year

There are only a handful of NFL teams who can count themselves as true Super Bowl contenders heading into next season and the Green Bay Packers are certainly one of them after falling to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game this year. Here are 4 reasons the Packers will make amends and win the Super Bowl next season.

1) Aaron Rodgers, the best QB in the game


He's the best quarterback in the NFL, bar none. You can take your Tom "The Deflatemeister" Brady or Peyton Manning in the twilight of his career. We'll take a QB who makes NFL Sundays look like Arena Football League exhibitions.

2) Eddie Lacy's continued progression 

Two 1,000-yard rushing seasons to start his career is fantastic enough, but Lacy's primed to be a #1 fantasy stud in 2015. Call it intuition, but his growth as a safety-valve receiver and his 1/2 yard increase per carry last season (from 4.1 to 4.6) portends great things to come.

3) Offensive line dominance

How do you ensure your offense zips along at record efficiency? You couldn't do much better than employing the men who make up the most impenetrable offensive line in all of the NFL. The aforementioned Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy can push greatness to new heights in 2015, and a lot of that has to do with the men in front of them.

4) Vulnerable NFC

The Seattle Seahawks appear ready for a collapse after they watched their hearts get ripped out in Super Bowl 49. The Dallas Cowboys have Darren McFadden as their feature back, so there's that.

The Detroit Lions...are the Detroit Lions. And don't get us started about the dumpster fire that is the NFC South.

The Packers have the inside track for a Super Bowl berth - all they have to do is play the games.

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