3 Potential Draft Day Trades The Packers Could Make

The 2017 NFL Draft will start in just under a month, and there will be plenty of trades. That's just the nature of the draft, although those trades are very difficult to predict. One team that could make some noise is the Green Bay Packers, as GM Ted Thompson has made at least one trade in 10 of the last 11 years. The Packers are picking at the end of the first and could try to move up or down a few spots. 

To help determine the value of each pick and what it would cost, we're using the NFL trade value chart. While the trade values won't match up exactly, we tried to get them as close to even as possible. With that in mind, here are three trades the Packers could make in the NFL Draft

3. Trade Up With Redskins
Packers Get:
No. 17 overall
Redskins Get: No. 29 overall and 2nd round pick (No. 61 overall)

Of the three listed, this probably is the least likely. It's a steep price to move up, but the Packers actually come out ahead in this one. The Packers would need to watch a top defensive player fall down the board, and if that happens, perhaps Thompson pulls off the rare first round trade up move. Still, in a loaded defensive class, the Packers can afford to wait. 

2. Trade up In 2nd Round
Packers Get:
 2nd round pick (No. 51 overall)
Browns Get: 2nd round pick (No. 61 overall), 4th round pick (No. 134 overall) and 5th round pick (No. 172 overall) 

Remember last year's Jason Spriggs trade? Here's a similar version, with the Packers still coming out on top based on the trade value chart. In a very deep defensive class and perhaps a player Thompson loves starts to slide down the board. In that case, the Packers might be willing to part with some later picks to ensure they get a top target. 

1. Trade Down With Bears
Packers Get: 
2nd round pick (No. 34 overall), 4th round pick (No. 111 overall) and 5th round pick (No. 147 overall)
49ers Get: No. 28 overall 

Ew, I know trading with a hated division rival. But, the Packers do win this trade (slightly) and they only move down a few sports. As for the Bears, if they pass on a QB at No. 3 but still want one of the top four, they could very well have to trade up to this range. This gets them ahead of the 49ers, Browns and even potential QB-focused teams like the Saints and Steelers. If the Packers are targeting defense at the end of the first, moving down six spots shouldn't force them to miss out on a player they want.  

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