Who Is Bryson DeChambeau? Meet The Amateur Competing For The 2016 Masters Tournament

Amateurs aren't expected to compete to win the Masters Tournament. Any yet, that's exactly what Bryson DeChambeau is doing early. The 22-year old golfer was paired with reigning champion Jordan Spieth on the first two days, and has held his own. He was -3 after 17 holes in his second round and tied for second place with Rory McIlroy, but recorded a triple bogey on the 18th hole to finish at even par. So just who is Bryson DeChambeau?

Ben Hogan Style Cap
DeChambeau will likely garner a quick fandom, in part because of his hat choice. It's an old-school style, popularized by Ben Hogan and Payne Stewart, as you can see below. He still attends SMU, and his hat choice is just one of several quirks of the man nicknamed "The Mad Scientist." 

DeChambeau Won The NCAA Championship And US Amateur
This accomplishment is why many are expecting big things from DeChambeau. Winning the NCAA Championship and US Amateur championship is incredibly rare, and has only been accomplished four times before, by Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus and Ryan Moore. 

He Named His Clubs
DeChambeau has named all of golf clubs, minus his woods. No, seriously. 

Oddly, he also uses the same length and weight on his wedges and irons, which is extremely unusual. Almost every other player uses clubs that are heavier and longer as they get closer to the woods. 

One-Plane Swing 
DeChambeau uses a one-plane swing, a style so rare and unorthodox that almost no one on the PGA Tour actually uses it. Most golfers will adjust the angle of their swing during their motion, but DeChambeau does not. Instead, he keeps it at the same throughout, as you can see below. 

And here's an example of a more standard golf swing, from McIlroy.

DeChambeau's unsual swing is a major reason why they call him the Mad Scientist. 

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