What’s Eating Jon Rahm And Is It Really A Problem?

The time has come to ask what is eating away at Jon Rahm, given that the Spaniard is seemingly involved in a new on-course outburst in what feels like every passing week, these days. Rahm’s latest tirade was launched at PGA Tour on-course commentator John Maginnes, who the Spaniard told to ‘shut the hell up’, after executing a chip he wouldn’t have been thrilled with. 

Naturally, Maginnes’ commentary wasn’t overly complimentary about the shot Rahm had just hit and said: “he just didn't fly that anywhere near far enough, that one could reverse course."

It should be said that this type of remark from a commentator is far from controversial and is said thousands of times over the PGA Tour season. Usually, however, players don’t hear what the on-course reporter is saying. It seems like Rahm did pick up the gist of what Maginnes was telling the millions of viewers at home, which prompted him to say ‘ shut the hell up.’ 

It was punchy, direct and in many ways, the epitome of what Rahm has become these days; a man who speaks his mind when he’s angry. Indeed, this comes on the back of the 27-year-old feeling the heat in the desert of the La Quinta Country Club during the playing of the American Express in late January when Rahm walked off one of the greens and made a statement littered with expletives.

This time, the Spaniard took exception to the rough not punishing the players enough and that the PGA Tour had, in essence, become a putting contest because of the leniency shown to the players off the tee. Rahm was incredulous at the fact that the tour had widened the fairways and cut the rough, which was the reason why he came out with the string of expletives that he did. 

Astonishingly, when asked if he would like to apologise for his comments a week afterwards, Rahm doubled down and gave a list of multiple reasons concerning why he said what he did. In other words, he wasn’t sorry and golf fans shouldn't expect to see a contrite Rahm strolling the fairways in the future. 

Of course, this has led to the question being asked a lot more of late about why Rahm seems to be this angry when he has the world at his fingertips, you only need to see the very latest Masters betting odds to get a better understanding of this as Rahm is the outright favourite to win the green jacket in April, priced at 7/1 odds.

You could argue that these latest incidents were ill-advised and regrettable in the circumstances but then again there is something refreshing and dare we even say admirable about Rahm not backtracking. Indeed, in a world where players have everything to lose for showing their human side, Rahm is embracing it and not trying to be someone else. Crucially, the subject matter of his outbursts also isn't that controversial which is why perhaps the world of golf should cut him some slack in this instance. 

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