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The Golf Blog: An open letter to golf reporters and commentators who doubted–or “hated” on–Tiger Woods

This aged well. More to follow.
WATCH: Is Tiger’s competitive career over? Brandel Chamblee says yes –

— thegolfblog (@thegolfblog) April 15, 2019

The Golf Blog says: Everyone watches the Golf Channel knows that analyst Brandel Chamblee has been one of Tiger Woods’ harshest critics. Just last summer, on July 12, 2017, Chamblee said Tiger’s competitive career is over. But Chamblee isn’t the only one. Just a couple weeks ago, golf reporter for Golf Magazine tweeted on April 2, 2019: “There’s an old guy on Tour who has won only one tournament in the last 6 years, hasn’t even played in 3 of the last five Masters and is saddled with very mediocre putting yet is still being touted as a favorite to win the green jacket.