Watch Out World: Here Comes Tiger

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Did his parents know when they had him that they’d just created such a beastly golfing animal?

They had to—right?—for they decided on such a menacing name as Tiger. But who knew that he’d turn out to look more like an NFL player (or at least a beefy NBA two guard or something) and dominate the world of golf for so many years that when he plays like a human being people begin to question his brilliance?

The man Tiger Woods took golf by the balls back in the nineties and never gave it back, and now he’s playing at levels akin to only his kind of standards. With two tournaments won before the Masters, he’s looking closer and closer to the way he did in 2008 when he won the US Open, the last Major Championship Tiger claimed.

The PGA is running scared, too, but who can blame them. The greatest golfer in the history of earth just got his groove back, and that’s as unstoppable an object as man has ever created.

Think about how he won the WGC-Cadillac Championship yesterday: He went into Sunday with such a lead that he didn’t even have to post anything below par to even win the thing. And sadly for the rest of the field, it looked just like his first win of the season at Torrey Pines; Tiger was the only player that could win, and the rest of the golfing world had to fend for second. Sorry.

Tiger has won half of the PGA events in which he has entered, and with his being second place in the FedEx Cup points now, it looks like it’s just a matter of time until he lays claim to that as well.

Plus, the Tampa Bay Championship and Arnold Palmer Invitational coming up in the next two weeks, it looks like nothing but roses for Mr. Woods, for he’s won each of those golf outings multiple times.


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