PGA FedEx Cup Column Coming Forthwith—Hopefully the Golf does the Same…


“Office Space” is a forgotten 1999 cult classic of a comedy. ’99 also showcased a wide range of humor: “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut”, “American Pie” and “Dogma” were released that year as well, and they each have such memorable moments that one could—and probably should—dedicate an entire column to those four legendary films. But not today.

I used that clip as an opener because this particular Monday has an extra hangover. A headache caused by being promised golf that never manifested itself. Here’s the story, according to my running tally of notations and random comments to myself, and while I gathered knowledge, I randomly read things aloud to people as they walked through the room. And to top it all off, I was all encompassed by the sport involving the little white ball—instead of a pigskin like the rest of the country.


Well, that picture I put on our Facebook page might’ve been a little misleading, for 30-plus mph winds—causing side-ways rain—halted play at Kapalua, Hawaii, during what was supposed to be Round One of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

Webb Simpson, US Open champ, broke his umbrella, according to; furthermore, he said, “I feel like I’m in a hurricane,” according to the same source.

Play was canned, and only Simpson and Jonas Blixt of Sweden were in negative numbers.

Further down the story, by Ann Miller, I stumbled upon Masters champ Bubba Watson’s comments: “Right now it’s goofy golf. It’s not real golf.” Indeed.


Speaking of major champion Bubba Watson, I saw a great commercial with him on this day…


Pretty cool, huh?

The homepage of read, “Waiting again at Kapalua,” but as Tom Petty once said: “The waiting is the hardest part.” Amen to that, for this is getting painful. However, if you’d read the “Curse of Lono”, these delays would come as no surprise.

The Golf Channel showed a replay of the attempt made the day prior to play golf in the ocean-given weather, so I got to check out what I had missed, but it was nothing really worth mentioning other than one comment by a commentator that made me giggle.

He said we could thank the “angry ocean” of the odd weather. What odd weather? Rain? Wind? Doesn’t sound that obscure? Hunter S. Thompson talked of eight-months of rain in “The Curse of Lono.” Doesn’t anyone else but the people I know read Thompson? Talk about a tragedy if they don’t.


“Sunday Funday. Cross your fingers,” was the first thing I wrote down on Saturday night as preparation for the coming day.

“Watching and waiting” said, but I’d rather call it pacing and racing; my mind won’t stop running wild until this season starts, for there are too many interesting things to watch.

Please Play Golf!

“4:10 Estimated Start Time (East Coast Time)”—

There was a minuscule amount of golf played, and then read, “Another day lost”; furthermore, “high winds again forced postponement until Monday,” the site said.

When will the season start?!?

We shall see…


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