79 Year Old Harry Scott Plays 6 Rounds of Golf on 6 Continents in Just 6 Days

79 Year Old Harry Scott Plays 6 Rounds of Golf on 6 Continents in Just 6 Days

Arguably, Scott could be called the world’s biggest golf enthusiast, because he’s currently playing six rounds of golf on six different continents in just six days. If this sounds implausible, rest assured it isn’t. Scott is already well on his way, enjoying his history-making golf tour.

The knee knocker? Harry Scott is 79 years old!

Why He’s Doing It

Scott turns 80 in just a few short months and to celebrate he’s treating himself to the vacation of a lifetime. His love of golf keeps him traveling, always looking for the next course to play.

He’s got a history of creative vacations, like the one he took back in 2012. Scott claimed the headlines with his amazing 50 rounds of golf in 50 states in just 50 days. It seems Scott is no stranger to one-day stops in some of the world’s most desirable locations. It seems the only thing Scott desires is a view from the course.

Where He’s Going

A Jersey Shore resident, Scott landed in Australia on Labor Day, September 2nd 2013. He played the Bonville Golf Resort. Bonville’s courses are known world-wide for their pristine beauty, gorgeous views its prime location between Sydney and Brisbane. It’s unknown if Scott was able to do any siteseeing, but it’s doubtful given his time constraints.

Scott recently told CBS Sports, “I’m only going to have some cab fares and a couple of hotels. I’ll actually get a chance to sleep a few times in there. Hopefully. And I’ll have to shower and shave once in awhile.”

  • After Bonville, Scott headed to Selangor, Malaysia where he played the Glenmarie Golf Course.
  • On September 4th, he found himself on yet another continent, playing the Dreamland Golf Resort courses in Cairo, Egypt.
  • September 5th landed him in Buckinghamshire, England at the Stoke Park Country Club.
  • On the 6th, he hit the greens in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas at the Ocean Club Golf Course.
  • Finally, he finishes his six rounds in El Junquito, Venezuela at the Junko Golf and Tennis Club.

Scott told CBS Sports that would have loved to add a 7th day to his trip and hit all 7 continents, but unfortunately there aren’t any courses in Antarctica.

Golf is More than a Hobby

To people, like Harry Scott, golf isn’t just another hobby. It’s a passion. The game is difficult, time consuming, but adored by the folks who play it. Mastery can take years and at nearly 80 years old, it seems Scott has honored the commitment.

Nick Gholkar, a long-time passionate golfer who has played the game since he was a young teenager, notes that “golf takes patience and dedication and is difficult to master.” Although it’s more than likely Harry Scott is an excellent golfer, here are some of Gholkar’s tips for improving the golf game and thus improving your passion for the sport.

·  Anchor your feet

·  Keep your elbow touching your hip

·  Let the club do the work for you

·  Relax your muscles

·  Envision the shot in your mind

·  Rotate your hips

·  Golf with pros

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