Warriors Rumors & News: Kevin Durant Drama, Shaun Livingston Returning & Possible New Jersey Leak

Kevin Durant shocked the Golden State Warriors and the NBA community as a whole when he announced he was joining the Brooklyn Nets in NBA free agency this summer. However, ex-Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala has revealed some new drama from behind the scenes that may have played a role in Durant’s departure. According to a tweet from Iguodala, Durant was mad when he and teammate Draymond Green would double team him during the team’s practice leading to an outburst from Durant. Is Iguodala simply lashing out for the Warriors trading him to the Memphis Grizzlies or did Durant cause more trouble in Golden State than initially thought? In this episode of NBA Now, host Thomas Mott breaks down the newest Kevin Durant rumors and more regarding the latest Golden State Warriors news and rumors. 

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Steph Curry is one of the only few returning healthy players to the Warriors roster for this next season, especially at the guard position. Can former guard Shaun Livingston return to the Warriors but in a different role than a key player on the Warriors bench? Head coach Steve Kerr said he’d like to see the veteran, who was waived during the 2019 NBA offseason, return in some type of coaching role. Could Golden State usher Livingston into the start of his NBA coaching career? The Warriors are also moving to their new stadium, Chase Arena, in San Francisco this season. Fans have already seen the leaked versions of most of their jerseys but did NBA 2K20 leak the Warriors latest uniforms? 

In the video above and below, Thomas Mott breaks down the latest Golden State Warriors rumors & news:

All the Golden State Warriors latest rumors and news discussed on the show: 
Kevin Durant drama at the Golden State Warriors practices 
Did Durant ever intend to re-sign with the Warriors during 2019 NBA free agency? 
Newest Warriors uniform leak
Will Shaun Livingston return as a coach?

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