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Warriors' Draymond Green defeats Steph Curry in ridiculous ESPN-Marvel crossover competition

If you tuned into ESPN2 instead of ESPN on Monday night, then you too endured a perplexing Marvel crossover event that Warriors forward Draymond Green technically ended up winning.

First, the more important stuff: The Dubs crushed the New Orleans Pelicans 123-108 in a big game as far as postseason seeding is concerned. Steph Curry dropped 41; Green had 10 points, 15 assists, 13 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

Normally, one would point to Curry's 41 as the deciding factor in a decisive win. But as far as the Marvel Hero of the Game leaderboard was concerned, Green's complete statline just barely overcame Curry's scoring onslaught.