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Andre Iguodala on Jordan Poole with Warriors: 'Looks Like You're Trying Not to Try'

Andre Iguodala offered his honest assessment of what he saw from Jordan Poole during their time as teammates with the Golden State Warriors.

Appearing on The Old Man and the Three (starts at 2:00 mark), Iguodala explained he told Poole "it looks like you're trying not to try" during games.

TheOldMan&TheThree @OldManAndThree

.<a href="">@andre</a> gives his honest thoughts on Jordan Poole's situation when he was on the Warriors. <br><br>Watch the full episode with <a href="">@jj_redick</a> and <a href="">@thekidet</a>: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>

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