ABSURDITY: This NEW Steph Curry Video Will Convince You He's Not Human

The Golden State Warriors are incredibly lucky to have Stephen Curry. The point guard was the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, one pick after Jonny Flynn. 

Curry has developed into one of the best players in the NBA, making absurd plays regularly. He throws up shots and makes passes that would get 85 percent of the NBA benched. But, somehow, Curry turns those shots into baskets and the passes into assists. 

Curry is in the midst of an incredible start to his season. He's averaging nearly 36 points on 57.4 percent shooting. He's hitting an absurd 52 percent from beyond the arc. 

He simply shows near-superhuman ability on the basketball court. In fact, perhaps that explains why he's so good. After watching this video, via Youtube user LuckyTV, you'll be convinced that Curry isn't human. 

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