Warriors' Success Rests on Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut's Ankle Injuries

With all of the excitement of the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, has the Bay Area forgotten about the Golden State Warriors' first game of the season? Tomorrow at 7 pm the Warriors will be playing the Phoenix Suns in Arizona for their first regular season game. The anticipation to see the full team play together will finally come to an end.

Or at least we hope it does…

If there are any ankle gods out there, please make sure that Bogut and Curry will be back for the start of the new season! These two are the key players to the Warriors' success this year.

During preseason Warriors’ fans were able to see the team play together without Bogut and Curry, and I have to say, they looked pretty good! But imagine how well they will play with Bogut and Curry leading the team! The only things that could keep the Warriors from having a successful season are Bogut and Curry's injuries.

Both Curry and Bogut have had lingering injuries throughout their careers. Most recently, Stephen Curry was pulled out of the last two preseason games as a “precaution” due to reinjuring his ankle during their preseason game against Portland. Let's hope that it is just a precaution because we’re all expecting to see Curry step onto the court for their first game.

Earlier this year Bogut was said to be playing with the Warriors for their first game of the regular season, but things have changed. As of now there is no exact date on his return, but Bogut has started participating in practices, which is a massive step in the right direction. The Warriors need Bogut in order to be successful this year, but they also need him back 100 percent healthy. Until Bogut is back and ready to play Festus Ezeli will be taking over his position as starting center.

If everything turns out as planned the Warriors will be adding to the Bay Area’s golden year by bringing the Warriors to the playoffs… maybe the championship? (a girl can dream)

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