Bombshell In Golden State: "Dysfunctional" Situation As Mark Jackson Reportedly Wants Out


A report from Yahoo! Sports has dropped some major bombshells regarding Mark Jackson and his future as Golden State's Head Coach.

Adrian Wojnarowski, widely considered the most in-the-know reporter in NBA circles, alleges that Mark Jackson has attempted to pursue several other coaching positions over the past few months, and is at odds with management regarding the roles of multiple assistants.

The "dysfunctional" atmosphere has reportedly come to a head, with Jackson determined to "reassign" assistant Brian Scalabrine. Warriors management is determined to keep Scalabrine closely involved with the team, but Jackson apparently no longer wants the highly-touted assistant involved.

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According to the report, Jackson has pursued several other openings over the past few months, including positions with the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angleles Clippers. The rumored issues with former assistant Mike Malone (who left to coach the Sacramento Kings last summer) were reportedly valid, and Jackson has apparently clashed with the Warriors multiple times over adjustments to his coaching staff. Warriors management is struggling to contain the rapidly disintegrating situation.

With the Warriors hanging on to the sixth seed in a vicious Western Conference playoff race, it remains to be seen what this revelation will mean for the remainder of Golden State's season.

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