6 Things All Warriors Fans Are Nervous About Heading Into The NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are four wins away from the franchise's first NBA title in 40 years, and while Dubs fans are elated about the prospects of a championship parade through the Bay Area, there's still plenty of worry to go around. Here's 6 Things All Warriors Fans Are Nervous About Heading Into The NBA Finals.

1. Klay Thompson's Health

This is the obvious one. Steve Kerr told reporters recently that he expects Thompson to play in Game 1 on Thursday despite not having passed the NBA's concussion protocol as of yet. The inadvertent knee Thompson took to the head was vicious either way, and you have to wonder just how in sync he'll be both health-wise and mentally whenever he gets back to the court.

2. Turnovers

The Golden State Warriors have had very few things to hang their heads about during a 12-3 run through the first three rounds, but turnovers are one of them. At their best, the Dubs are a Cirque Du Soleil-like display of artful passes and beautiful finishes. At their worst, the Warriors keep opposing teams in the game with a cornucopia of missed connections.

3. Steph Curry's Groove

Curry has been a merely mortal shooter since his horrific fall in Game 4 of the Rockets series, which is to be expected. However, there's still that pin prick in the back of all of our necks that he may be a little bit more gun shy than he's letting on right now.

4. LeBron James

If you're not worried about one of the best players to ever play the game, you're not doing it right. James could lead a band of kindergartners to a win in an NBA game. If you look at some of the Cavs team he's taken deep into the playoffs, he may already have.

5. Going (And Staying) Small

This goes hand in hand with #4. The Warriors are happy not to have to see Kevin Love in this series, but James, Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov are still going to try and do their best Marc Gasol/Z-Bo impression in this series. If the Warriors are slow to adapt their defense in the post, the Cavs could steal a game at Roaracle.

6. The East Bay Curse

The whole Bay Area may stake claim to the Warriors as their team, but until they move to SF in 2018, they're still a part of the East Bay trio with the Raiders and A's. The A's are the last of the four to win a championship (1989), and only the Raiders (2002) and these Warriors have made their respective championship games since the Athletics' last World Series appearance in 1990.

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