4 Free Agents The Warriors Could Still Sign

The Golden State Warriors have had a busy NBA Free Agency so far. They gave Stephen Curry a record contract and managed to keep both Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. Kevin Durant will also re-sign later in July. However, the Warriors aren't done making moves yet and there are several free agents they could sign.

The Warriors are out of cap space, but they do have $5.192 million to spend via the tax-payer mid-level exception. There are more than just four players the Warriors could sign, but we've narrowed it down to four. That also excludes re-signing players (like Zaza Pachulia). Here are four players the Warriors could still add in free agency. 

Leandro Barbosa

The Suns actually just waived Barbosa, making him the newest NBA free agent. Before joining the Suns last year, Barbosa spent two years with the Warriors in a bench role. He put up 6.7 points per game and shot 36.9 percent from 3-point range. Golden State lost him to get Durant, but he might return now. He might not make anymore than the vet minimum, allowing the Warriors to bring him back. If Ian Clark gets more money elsewhere, Barbosa could take his roster spot.  

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Andrew Bogut

Here's another former Warrior. Golden State could lose one or both of Pachulia and Javale McGee, so maybe they'll turn to their old center. Bogut is injury-prone and coming off a season-ending injury, but that also means he won't get much money. Assuming there's no bad blood about the Warriors trading Bogut, he makes perfect sense as a fit. The Warriors would only ask Bogut to give about 18 minutes per game and he's averaged at least 20 every year. 

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Vince Carter

Is Carter ready to ring-chase? If so, the Warriors are a perfect match. The re-signing of Iguodala might lessen the chances, but if the Warriors are willing to give Carter at least a chunk of the MLE, perhaps he'll pass on more money and playing time elsewhere. Even at age 40, Carter played a key role for the Grizzlies last year. Last year, the Warriors added David West as the big ring-chaser. Perhaps Carter will be the next one and he's already been connected to the team

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Nick Young

It's already been reported that the Warriors are targeting Young. The MLE is on the low side for the player affectionately known as Swaggy P, but the chance to win a title matters to him. Plus, he could thrive in the Warriors offense, even if he doesn't play that much. Young would help replace Clark, who seems likely to move on. 

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