12 Ways You Know You Grew Up A Warriors Fan

The Warriors have been doing exceptionally well lately. They made it to the Western Conference semi-finals last season, and they’re the favorites to win the NBA Championship this year. This kind of success is unprecedented for Warriors fans who’ve grown up with the team – this is a franchise that made the playoffs exactly once between 1994 and 2012.

Golden State's recent Cinderella story has brought back many memories from both the Run-TMC era and the We Believe season. For those nostalgic fans out there, we're going to take a trip back to your childhood at Oracle Arena with 12 ways you know you grew up a Warriors fan:

1. You still have a Run TMC poster somewhere.


2. Your heart sank when Don Nelson resigned in '94.

But then you rejoiced when he came back in 2006.

...and then your heart got ripped out again in 2011, when he resigned and retired in Maui.

3. You remember the most photogenic player in Warriors history...Mike Dunleavy.


4. You know that the best throwback jersey in the NBA looks like this:


5. You were ecstatic when Chris Mullin was promoted to General Manager, and were livid when Larry Riley replaced him in '09. Then your anger disappeared when they retired his jersey.


6. You remember who the REAL Thunder is, and you weren't happy when the OKC Thunder forced him into early retirement.


7. You remember Jason Richardson and his back-to-back dunk contest wins.

And you remember his apology letter to fans when they didn't make the playoffs for the 12th straight year.

He kept his promise.

8. "We Believe": You could barely believe it when after 13 years without making the playoffs, the Warriors finally made it to the Western Conference semifinals.

Oh, and you remember this:

9. You remember when Chris Webber took the Warriors to the '93 playoffs.

and you rejoiced when he came back for one last run with the Warriors in 2008.

10. You'll always have a soft spot for Adonal Foyle. He may not have been the best player on the Warriors, but he dedicated 10 years to the team and played hard every single night.


11. Andris Biedrins: Yes, the free throws were excruciating to watch, but you always cheered for him anyway. When he was traded to the Jazz, your heart sank a little when you realized there were no longer any "We Believe" players left on the team.


12. Oracle is your second home...although SF is pretty; you really don't want them to move.

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