Georgia football player "accidently" gets high off of weed brownies?

The high school football coach of Georgia All-American safety Bacarri Rambo has said that Rambo has been suspended for the first four games of the 2012 season.

The reason? "Accidently" getting high of off weed brownies that were left out on a hotel room table during a recent spring break trip to Panama City Beach.

"Bacarri went down to Panama City Beach with some friends," Ingram said. "One of the nights he went to bed before they did. He got up the next morning, was hungry and found some brownies on the table. He had some with some milk and told me, 'I got high.' The other guys got up and told him that the brownies were not for him. Apparently they were laced with marijuana.

"I think that is the story. I think that is exactly what happened. Not many times would I say that, but he has never lied to me before." Ingram said.

This isn't Rambo's first time being suspended. The 2011 All-American was suspended for last year's opener against Boise State for undisclosed reasons. The Bulldogs certainly could have used him against the Broncos, as QB Kellen Moore threw all over the Georgia secondary, completing 82% of his passes for 261 yards and 3 TD's in a 35-21 win over the SEC East champs.

The 4 games he will miss will be at home vs. Buffalo, a trip to SEC newcomer Missouri, followed by two home games against Florida Atlantic and Vanderbilt.

His high school coach said Rambo was selected at random for a drug screening upon his return to campus the trip to Panama City Beach. He did not pass the screening, according to Ingram. Is this story at all believable? Tough to say, but maybe the plate* that the brownies were on (seen below) should have tipped Rambo off that these weren't grandma's brownies.

*not actual plate

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