9 Ways You Know You Went To UGA

Chat Sports presents "The 9 Ways You Know You Went To UGA," a look at the raucous fun and memorable experiences involved with attending the UGA University. This article on The 9 Ways You Know You Went To UGA is the first in a two-part series focusing on UGA campus life.

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9 Ways You Know You Went to Georgia

You know you went to UGA if:

1. You never walked under the Arch... but you still didn't graduate in 4 years (by choice).




2. Girls: Pearls and Yuman go with hair bows and painted toes.

Guys: Shorts don’t have cargo pockets.



3. Seeing Kegs in trash cans is totally normal to you.



4. You swam in the fountain on north campus... except during the drought when they turned it off.



5. The line for the bus at Tate Student Center was so long you debated walking to class...but then you realized how big campus was, so you waited just showed up late.



6. You'll never do business with a Florida grad, even if they're a heart surgeon (which is almost impossible, given how few of them can read).



7. As an underclassman at football games, you snuck down from the nosebleeds to watch from the lower student section.



8. As a freshman, you knew just as much about the downtown bars as the upperclassmen...



9. You had to deal with Tailgaters and RVs outside your dorm on Thursdays, even though the game wasn't until Saturday.




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