Jimbo Fisher Says ESPN/SEC Relationship To Blame For FSU Doubters

Why are there so many people questioning FSU's title credentials this year? According to Jimbo Fisher, a lot of it has to do with ESPN and the SEC:


The clip in question is via this Fox Sports article, which FSU fans should probably skip if they want to keep their blood pressure low. Instead of taking the clip at face value (a question about why are people doubting FSU's title chances), the author sees it as Fisher playing the victim, pinning blame for FSU's off-the-field issues on the network reporting them.

Is Fisher right to bring up the ESPN/SEC relationship here? That depends on how you interpret the question, which is hard to do without context.

If you watch the full video here (skip ahead to about the 3:40 mark for the relevant conversation), Fisher's comments look much less out-of-place - whether you agree or not, it's hard to see them as a comment on Florida State's extracurricular issues.

So, why does Florida State have more doubters this year? Fisher's second point is on the money - they dominated last season, painting a target on their backs, then lost several key players to the NFL draft. Even Seminoles fans have to admit they haven't looked as dominant - narrow wins over Oklahoma State, Clemson, and a shootout with NC State have had an effect on their aura of invincibility.

Is ESPN's relationship with the SEC questionable? Even if they pull it off without any favoritism, you can't blame coaches on the outside from questioning it - especially a coach jockeying for playoff position with five SEC teams.

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