Jameis Winston Explains Controversial Ref Contact In Your Florida State Football News Update

Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston and head coach Jimbo Fisher said there was no malicious intent when Winston made contact with a referee in the third quarter of FSU's 20-17 win over the Boston College Eagles.

Center judges are required to stand over the ball, keeping the offense from snapping until all pertinent substitutions take place. Winston said he was attempting to get off a quick play, and used his hand and arm in an attempt to move the official.

"He was just holding me because he said we had a substitution," Winston said of the official, via Jared Shanker of ESPN.com. "It was actually a fast-tempo play, so I was trying to get up under there and let it ride."

Fisher believes that Winston was just so into the game that he didn't really come to grips with what exactly he was doing.

"I don't think [Winston] realized it. He was caught up in the excitement of the moment," Fisher said. "Hey, you get emotional. He didn't realize. He thought he could snap the ball. ... He knew that was his job -- get out there and set and snap the ball."

Fisher said he didn't speak with Winston about the contact, but assured that it was likely unintentional.

"He doesn't even remember [when he came to the sideline]," Fisher said. "When I yell at players, five minutes later, I don't remember who I yelled at. You move on to the next thing."

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