FSU QB Jameis Winston Throws Football Over Massive Frat House

FSU QB Jameis Winston, the redshirting freshman super recruit, has one heck of a cannon for an arm.

In a scene straight our of a Michael Vick Powerade commercial, Winston throws a football over a massive fraternity house (picture to right), in a throw that seemingly would have measured 100 yards if thrown end zone to end zone. Winston, who was the #1 incoming freshman QB in America in 2012, has been compared to a young RG3. FSU fans should be incredibly excited for his ability to thrown the long ball after watching this video. From where we sit, Winston has a couple Heisman campaigns in his future.

And to be clear, this fraternity, Pike, is in an apartment complex, so he threw that ball over an entire section of an apartment complex. Wow.

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