Lane Kiffin Offers Scholarship To Sixth Grader

Lane Kiffin is at it again. The Florida Atlantic coach has offered a scholarship to a sixth grade quarterback.  

According to Clarkson's hudl page, he stands all of 5-foot-7. Of course, Clarkson (who we're counting as a sixth grade because he hasn't started seventh grade yet) is not done growing, which is one of several reasons the whole offering a scholarship to a pre-teen thing makes no sense. Kiffin has no idea if Clarkson will end up being a remotely good QB, even if his father is a good coach. 

This isn't the first time Kiffin has pulled this stunt before. He offered a scholarship to then-13-year-old QB David Sills while at USC. Sills, by the way, is now a WR at West Virginia. In May, Kiffin offered one to 13-year-old QB Kadeen Martin, who is a class of 2022 recruit. He's the son of USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin. 

Then again, perhaps Kiffin is just trying to get his name and the FAU program in the news. After all, it's certainly going to get plenty of attention. Still, the practice of offering scholarships to kids who are years away from even being able to drive is just odd. 

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