Fantasy Football Rumors: Josh Gordon 2018 Bust, Jarvis Landry Best Browns Wide Receiver, & 5 WRs To Avoid In 2018 Drafts

Fantasy Football rumors are swirling after the second week of the NFL preseason, especially around Cleveland Browns wide receivers Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry. Will Josh Gordon be a bust in 2018 and if he is does that increase the value of Jarvis Landry?

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Can you trust any Browns WRs in 2018? What is the fantasy football value of Jarvis Landry? If Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry were both available during the draft, which WR would you pick? Plus Mitchell Renz gives you five wide receiver busts you want to avoid in 2018 fantasy football drafts.

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Fantasy Football Rumors:
- Is Josh Gordon A Top 20 WR in 2018?
- Jarvis Landry Or Josh Gordon in 2018?

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