Fantasy Football: 3 QBs Who Will Be Busts

Every year, there are fantasy football busts. Someone gets hurt, they have a down year or they just aren't the same player they used to be. Avoiding those busts isn't always easy, but here are three potential QB busts to avoid during your fantasy draft. 

Matt Stafford

Stafford had a typical Matt Stafford season last year, which was only good enough for 15th among fantasy QBs last year. He should have another similar season, so there is no reason to take him as your starter. However, his average draft position (ADP) is 10th among all QBs. That's far too high. If you count on Stafford to be your starter, you might end up disappointed. 

Peyton Manning 

Manning is one of the greatest NFL QBs of all-time. He's had an incredible career. But he's in his twilight years now and doesn't have much left in the tank. The Broncos will probably try to run the ball more this season, which means fewer passes for Manning and his dwindling arm strength. He's the third QB off the board, which too high. He's also going at the end of the third round on average. That's two rounds too early for Manning. It's a deep year for QBs and you're better off waiting for a QB. 

Drew Brees 

Brees had a Top 10 season last year, but there is cause for concern. He's not getting any younger and he lost key weapons in Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills. The Saints appear to moving to a more run-focused offense. All of that screams, "bust." Brees is still the 5th QB off the board and is being drafted at the end of the fourth round. Spending that high of a pick on Brees is a recipe for missing the fantasy football playoffs. 

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