Fantasy Football 2015: QB Rankings

The start of the Fantasy Football season will be here before you know it. Which means it's time to start preparing for your draft. No one has ever won a league during the draft, but plenty have lost their league. Al King and I are here to help make sure the latter doesn't happen. 

Just like last season, it's a deep class for quarterbacks. Unless someone slips, it's probably best to wait for a QB. There are plenty you should feel comfortable starting. Before the rankings, some housekeeping notes.

Unless otherwise noted, these rankings assume a standard ESPN Fantasy League. Al and I will tag-team for your ultimate 2015 Fantasy Football Guide. We'll update that guide regularly with positional rankings, a big board and everything you need to dominate your league. Feel free to hit up Tom Downey or Al King on Twitter if you have any questions. 

Last Update: August 28

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB

The best QB in the league.

2. Andrew Luck, IND

Luck is a close second behind Rodgers for top QB. 

3. Russell Wilson, SEA

The final member of the "Big 3" in fantasy this season.

4. Peyton Manning, DEN

Manning doesn't have too much left in the tank, but he's still a quality fantasy QB.

5. Matt Ryan, ATL

He checked in 7th last season and should have more support this year. 

6. Drew Brees, NO

He lost several key players and the Saints appear to be shifting to a more run-oriented offense. He worries me. 

7. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT

He was 6th in fantasy QBs last year and doesn't appear to be slowing down.

8. Ryan Tannehill, MIA

Believe it or not, Tannehill finished 8th among QBs last season. He's got better weapons this season and could have a big year. 

9. Tony Romo, DAL

His incredible offensive line got even better. No DeMarco Murray hurts, but Romo should still be his borderline Top 10 self. 

10. Tom Brady, NE

Brady was 9th last season, but a potential four-game suspension hurts his value. But once he returns, he could have a big season. 

11. Cam Newton, CAR

Newton's held back by limited weapons and a woeful offensive line. 

12. Eli Manning, NYG

He finished 10th last season and will have Odell Beckham for a full season. 

13. Philip Rivers, SD

Rivers was 12th among QBs last season and should finish around there this year.

14. Matt Stafford, DET

Stafford finished 15th among QBs last season. He's talented, but needs to cut down on his turnovers. Don't reach for him. 

15. Colin Kaepernick, SF

The 49ers stock is trending downward and Kaepernick's value is a victim of that. 

16. Sam Bradford, PHI

Total wildcard. If he's healthy, he could put up big numbers in Chip Kelly's system. That's a big IF though. 

17. Joe Flacco, BAL

Flacco was 13th among fantasy QBs, but he's inconsistent. He's a solid backup though. 

18. Carson Palmer, ARI

Palmer was having a Top 15 season before getting hurt. Hopefully he can return in similar fashion. 

19. Teddy Bridgewater, MIN

I love Bridgewater, but he's a year or two away from being a true fantasy starter.

20. Jay Cutler, CHI

Cutler will likely put up plenty of TDs, but he'll turn the ball over too much. 

21. Alex Smith, KC

If your QB gets hurt, Smith is a safe add off the waiver wire.

22. Marcus Mariota, TEN

The reports out of camp have been positive, but Mariota isn't worth drafting. Yet. 

23. Andy Dalton, CIN

Dalton is a game-manager, something that isn't what you look for in a fantasy QB. 

24. Nick Foles, STL

Foles' value drops as he heads to St. Louis. But it's not like he was in the running for a high pick in Philly. 

25. Derek Carr, OAK

Carr might be the answer in Oakland, but he's not the answer on your fantasy team. 

26. Jameis Winston, TB

Keep an eye on him, but there isn't any reason to invest in a rookie QB outside of a dynasty league.  

27. Robert Griffin III, WAS

The fantasy potential is still there, but there isn't much reason to draft him outside of a two-QB league. The poor guy just can't stay healthy. 

28. Blake Bortles, JAC

Bortles needs to keep developing before being worthy of a fantasy pick.

29. Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ

Fitzpatrick has some impressive weapons in New York, but he's not going to produce enough. 

30. Brian Hoyer, HOU

Hoyer has no upside.  

31. Tyrod Taylor, BUF

Someone has to start in Buffalo. 

32. Josh McCown, CLE

Whether it's McCown or Manziel, don't expect much.

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