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Henning: Here's my six for the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Derek Jeter, a slam dunk

(Photo: Bill Kostroun, Associated Press)

Baseball fans who grew up savoring Gene Roddenberry’s old Star Trek scripts believe there will be a year, long from now and far away, when a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is so clear and convincing that squabbles over who does and doesn’t belong will not lead to fisticuffs and loose teeth.

But it’s not happening this year.

Dukes are up, mouth guards are in place, and here are six names next to which an "X" will be marked on one voter’s 2020 Cooperstown ballot:

u25ba Barry Bonds

u25ba Roger Clemens

u25ba Derek Jeter

u25ba Scott Rolen

u25ba Curt Schilling

u25ba Larry Walker

Four of the above have been on past personal ballots.