Yu Darvish's Terrible Gas Highlights My Return Post

I've been away from this blog since the end of last season, writing about everything from Zach Novak to Stephon Marbury to hot chicks that used to play golf for Michigan State.  I'm back now that baseball is in full swing and Michigan athletics are in a dead period that makes me question why I'm even getting out of bed in the morning.  I was waiting for the exact right moment to return and I can't think of a better reason than the one below.  You can be rest assured, whenever there is a fart in the dugout, chattigers.com will be there to cover it.

(Rangers/Orioles game on May 7)

Mind you that's an open air dugout. Darvish didn't fart on the team airplane, where the ability to a gas to diffuse is severely hindered. He farted in a 45,000 seat stadium and 12 grown men instantly sprinted away from him. I'd guess he's having trouble adjusting to a clubhouse diet chock full of chewing tobacco, sunflower seeds, the clear and the unwrapped "pixie sticks" that he found in Ron Washington's office that Ron said never to touch.

Don't worry Yu, your tum tum will adjust, but in the meantime mix in a vegetable every now and again.

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