Textbook Home Run Pimpage by Carlos Guillen

Attention Major League Baseball Players: If your goal is to endanger the life of the next batter, please do this after you hit a home run. Guillen is a dick for the bat flip, the slow walk, and the stare down, but Weaver is a pussface for throwing at someone's head because he was pissed about being a pussface and not spearing Guillen right on the first base line. As Jose Lima reminds us eternally, "the head is where the brain is," and brain injury is a mighty serious injury.

We did a post about just such dickishness earlier this year. David Ortiz was head dick, followed by a host of other dicks. David's post can be found here:

David Ortiz continues to anger people with this bat flipping and slow running antics.  Either he's auditioning for Ninja Assassin II or he showing Hector Neosi what he's capable of should they meet in the Kumite.

We looked at additional hilarious dickishness here.

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