Al Alburquerque Baffles Hitters, Parent of Children with Normal Names

I've been so busy gawking at this guy's name I've barely stopped to gawk at this guy's stats.  Are you aware that big Al leads every single major league reliever with over 10 innings pitched in K's per 9 innings? I wasn't either.  Even if you're aware of that I can almost guarantee that you had no clue that Al Unser Sr., Al Unser Jr., and Freddy Prinze Jr. hail from the city of Albuquerque.  And for those of you that believe that Albuquerque only produces  screw-loose race car drivers and vapid thespians I need only to point to Albuquerque native son William "Bill" Gates.  Ever heard of him?

Albuquerque uses a 95+ fastball and an 86 mph slider that would make Randy Johnson go from six to midnight.  With Benoit's struggles it could be Albuquerque or Villarreal that end up in the crucial set-up role, keeping the mound warm for Papa  Grande.

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