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I regret(?) to inform you the Detroit Pistons are just a run-of-the-mill bad team

The Detroit Pistons are a bad basketball team. I think we can all agree on that. Even the team itself has been extremely open about how it is not meetings its own expectations, and voiced issues with an inability to handle adversity, to lock in on both ends, and to put players in optimal situations to succeed.

The disdain laser-focused on this franchise is understandable. It comes with the territory when your team is currently in the midst of a franchise-record 17-game losing streak.

I was down on the Pistons from the jump, but I must admit I can’t really join into the explicit doomerism currently infecting the Pistons fan base, which is calling for an owner to sell the team, a GM to be fired for cause, a vice chairman that is the problem hiding in plain site, a head coach to walk away from his record contract, and for full-scale changes, including trading away members of the young core, to add some actual NBA skill to the lineup.