Top 3 Pistons Storylines For The 2015 NBA Offseason

We're in the beginning stages of the Detroit Pistons' offseason preparations, and there are plenty of plots and subplots to follow on the road to the NBA Draft and July's free agent push. Here's the Top 3 Pistons Storylines For The 2015 NBA Offseason.

1. Will Detroit Draft A Forward Or Sign One In Free Agency?

Sitting at #8 in the 2015 NBA Draft pecking order, the Pistons could target someone out of the group of Mario Hezonja, Kelly Oubre and Stanley Johnson at small forward, or they could look to power forward and potential fits such as Myles Turner and Kevon Looney.

There's also the matter of free agency, where intriguing Golden State Warriors breakout star Draymond Green will be sitting there likely to command max money. The Pistons are reportedly not considering pursuing him, but that could very well be a smokescreen with over three weeks to go until free agency kicks off.

2. Is This Goodbye?

You'd think the Detroit Pistons' defense would thrive with big men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe on the floor at the same time, but the Pistons actually gave up 0.2 points more per 100 possessions (104.2) with them both on the court. For the Pistons to shell out max money to both Monroe and Drummond, they would need a little more reassurance that things won't turn into a dumpster fire on the defensive end.

In all likelihood, that means Monroe's gone in free agency. But, you never know in the NBA...

3. Negotiating With Reggie Jackson

Jackson turned down a four-year, $48 million extension from the Oklahoma City Thunder last offseason because he coveted a starting role - something he was never going to get as long as Russell Westbrook had a pulse. He has that starter's spot in Detroit, but he's still likely to command a similar deal to the one he turned down with the salary cap set to inflate into the neighborhood of $88 to $93 million dollars.

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