Pistons Rumors: Kings only viable option for Greg Monroe sign-and-trade this past offseason

The Detroit Pistons were linked to several teams when it came to a potential sign-and-trade of big man Greg Monroe this past offseason.

However, ESPN's Chad Ford indicates that the trade market for Monroe wasn't as active as was reported by several sources during the summer.

"I'm not sure he had much of chance to trade Smith over the summer," Ford said of new head coach/GM Stan Van Gundy in a recent ESPN chat. "The Kings were the only team really interested, but I've heard various sources say they were or weren't that interested. Monroe could've been traded, but there wasn't much there. The problem with having a GM that's the coach is that they are rarely willing to sacrifice the NOW for later."

Whether it was Van Gundy who asked too much in return for Monroe or just a general lack of interest in a sign-and-trade other than that of the Sacramento Kings, the Pistons now face the very real possibility that Monroe will walk to unrestricted free agency after the 2014-15 NBA season.

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