Detroit Lions Update: Reggie Bush Decides To Sign 4-Year Contract

Way back in 2010, Lebron James bolted from the Midwest to show off his potential straight to the South Beach. During this offseason at the NFL, the running back Reggie Bush went the other way around, deciding to leave all fame and glamour of Miami to sign up with the Detroit Lions in a span of four-year contract.

Reggie Bush has already played football in different destination locales. He attended high school outside San Diego before moving up north I-5 to play for the USC. When his professional career started, he was taken to New Orleans and eventually the sunny Miami.

When he started hitting the open market, he instantly signed with the Detroit Lions. He emphasized that he did not come to spend vacation time but to win championships. It’s what he is actually looking forward to do. From any football perspective, Bush is set to have arrived in a perfect situation.

Since the time that Jahvid Best was affected with a concussion during the 2011 season, the Lions have always missed on a big play threat right on the backfield. With this, Bush is expected to get numerous touches on Detroit Lions’ offense being a receiver and ball carrier all at the same time.

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