Detroit Lions Rumors: Will the Lions Fire Jim Schwartz?

Updated 12/23/12 10:45am ET

After the Lions dropped one of their most important games of their season to the Falcons last night, rumor has it that Jim Schwartz's seat is starting to get hot in Detroit.

The Falcons are arguably the best team in the league, and the Lions barely put up a fight against the Dirty Birds on national television.

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Many thought that Schwartz was the savior of the Lions franchise when he took them to the playoffs last years for the first time in eons. But it seems as if the Lions have regressed back to the mean, and it may cost Jim Schwartz his job.

Fortunately for Jim in the short-run, his contract extends until 2015, and the Lions still owe him a lot of money. Therefore it is quite unlikely that the Lions will remove Schwartz anytime in the next year or so.

If the Lions are not competitive by halfway through next season, expect Schwartz to get the boot.

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