4 Reasons Why Detroit Is A Better Sports City Than Chicago

Chicago sports fans are celebrating the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup title, but those in Detroit know that they're still way behind Detroit sports fans. Here are four reasons why Detroit is a better sports city than Chicago:

4) Hockeytown

Only one team throws Octopi on the ice (the best tradition in the NHL) and plays in Hockeytown, and that's the NHL's marquee franchise - the Red Wings.

3) College sports success

Michigan football is one of the most storied programs in the country, and their basketball team made the national championship game just three seasons ago. Then there's Michigan State, who is a College Football Playoff contender and a Final Four basketball team.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Northwestern is a Big Ten cellar-dwellar in football, and have never made the NCAA Tournament.

2) Our baseball team doesn't wait over 100 years to win a World Series

Sorry, Cubs.

1) Jay Cutler isn't our quarterback

And we make the playoffs!! Have fun clinging to 1985, Chicago!

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