3 reasons the Detroit Lions can win the Super Bowl next season

The Detroit Lions are on the cusp of championship greatness, and there's plenty of room for optimism that 2015 is the year they finally get over the Super Bowl hump. Here's our list of 3 reasons the Detroit Lions can win the Super Bowl in 2015.

1. An Improved Offensive Line

The men in charge of protecting Matthew Stafford have been less than stellar in recent time, forcing Stafford to make a bunch of rushed decisions under duress. Detroit's addition of Manny Ramirez via trade and Duke's Laken Tomlinson in the first round gives renewed hope to a unit which allowed an NFL-worst 45 sacks in 2014.

2. Haloti Ngata Taking The Reins

Ndamukong Suh will be missed, but Ngata is one of the most underrated impact defensive tackles in the league. Detroit's defense is alive and well with or without Suh, with rumors of the team's front-seven demise greatly exaggerated. Expect the Lions to put together a top-five overall defensive effort in 2015, complementing an offense that appears primed for a pinball-like scoring breakout.

3. Divisional Uncertainity

The Green Bay Packers are still Detroit's main hurdle in the NFC North, but they're defense is as shaky as a wooden roller coaster in a windstorm. Minnesota's youth movement is still a year or two away from fruition and Chicago looks more like a clown college than an NFL team. The time is now for the Lions to exploit the division's weak points and vault themselves into the NFC Divisional Round with a first-round bye.

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