3 Potential Draft Day Trades The Detroit Lions Could Make

The NFL Draft will start in just over a month, and there will be plenty of trades. That's just the nature of the draft, although those trades are very difficult to predict. One of the teams that could be movers early in the draft is the Detroit Lions. Here are three potential draft day trades they could make:

3) Make the big splash - trade up to get the No. 1 overall pick
Titans get: No. 16 overall pick, second-round pick (No. 46 overall), 2017 first-round pick
Lions get: No. 1 overall pick

This would be very, very bold, but it's something that could happen. Even without Calvin Johnson, the Lions feel they're capable of competing for a title right now with an upgraded offensive line. Tennessee has been open to trading the top pick, and while many think a team in need of a quarterback could trade into the spot, Detroit could as well - but to draft Ole Miss' Laremy Tunsil. He could be Detroit's left tackle for the next 10-15 years and immediately make this unit respectable. The price tag is high, but the Lions are all-in on winning sooner rather than later.

2) Trade back with Washington
Redskins get: No. 16 overall pick
Lions get: No. 21 overall pick, fourth-round pick (No. 120 overall)

Outside of their offensive line needs, Detroit is still looking for someone who can come close to replacing what Ndamukong Suh brought to the defensive tackle position. Trading back adds another pick they can use for more depth along the offensive line, but also puts them in prime position to draft Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche.

1) Trade up with New York
Giants get: No. 16 overall pick, fourth-round pick (No. 111 overall)
Lions get: No. 10 overall pick

Detroit is almost guaranteed to draft an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft, but they're out of range of drafting one of the top prospects. They would make this move for the purpose of drafting Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley, hoping he could solidify thier line for the next decade and beyond. It also has a much better chance of happening than them trading up for the No. 1 spot because they'd have to give up a lot, lot less.

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