Three Thoughts Week 6

Denver currently sits at second in the Northwest Division and have the third best record in the Western Conference. Here are the three thoughts from week six.

1. The fourth quarter still remains a problem.

George Karl seems to be set on having Andre Miller in he lineup to close down games. The problem is that he doesn't seem to be effective as he used to be. In Denver's most recent game, the Nuggets  were up by one against the Grizzlies. Miller took four of Denver's final six shots. Miller made one of the four shots and got fouled on one of the misses. Gallinari, who took over in the fourth quarter against the Knicks was on the bench after going 1-10 from the field. While Gallinari was having a poor shooting night, what really made him effective as a closer was his ability to draw fouls and get to the line. So while Miller is the veteran, my thoughts are that Gallinari should be.

2. Arron Afflalo seems to be in his own world so far.

Many Nuggets had a rough start to the season shooting the ball from behind the arc. Gallinari, Fernandez and Afflalo were biggest offenders. But since, Gallinari has certainly turned things around and Fernandez rebounded from an Achilles injury with two solid shooting performances from behind the arc. Afflalo on the other hand has simply been struggling. Before this season, Afflalo's field goal percentage steadily increased each year starting at 41.1% his rookie year and ending at 49.8% last year. This year however, Afflalo has regressed to 42.4% from the field. Afflalo's three point percentage has seen a similar fall as he shot 43.4% two years ago and 42.3% last year. This year however, Afflalo is shooting 36.8% which is his lowest since his rookie year where he shot under 21%. Afflalo has been bothered by hamstring and

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