Nuggets Six Pack

We all know of the power rankings that are on a variety of sports news websites in which teams are ranked based on their recent success as well as overall status throughout the season. Well why not extend that idea one step further? This is the first installment of the Denver Nuggets Power Rankings where six Nuggets will be evaluated each week and will move up or down on the rankings based on their effectiveness over the last couple games as well as their overall impact.

1. Danilo Gallinari

Gallinari came into this season with fairly high expectations considering he hadn't turned into the scoring threat that many thought he was going to be. Gallo had a rough start from behind the arc but since he is leading Denver in points per game and is also recording his highest assists and steals per game average this season. Gallinari's career high 37-point performance against his former team, the New York Knicks, might be exactly what he needs to make this a really special season. A new four year, $42 million contract certainly helps as well.

Season stats: PPG: 17.9    RPG: 5.2    APG: 2.8     Stl: 1.5    Blk: 0.7     PER: 21.10

2. Ty Lawson

Like Gallinari, Lawson entered the season with relatively expectations. After Raymond Felton was traded away, it became clear that Lawson was the unquestioned starting point guard and he has proven why with a very strong beginning to his third season. Lawson has made a living of pushing the fast break and converting easy layups or dishing it out to other Nuggets. Lawson has had a couple ankle injuries early on but hasn't missed significant time.


Season stats: PPG: 15.7    APG: 6.5     RPG: 3.8     Stl: 1.5    PER: 19.13

3. Nene Hilario

After being one of the most coveted free agents in the 2011 class, Nene decided to resign with Denver and extend his stint in a Nuggets uniform for five more years. Nene has been battling some injuries which has caused him to miss four games. But in the games in which he has played, Nene has displayed the soft touch around the rim and an increased toughness this year which could make him one of the most dominant big men in the NBA


Season stats: PPG: 14.0    RPG: 8.8    APG: 2.3    Stl: 1.3    Blk: 1.0    PER: 17.86

4. Al Harrington

After an injury filled season that hampered him last year, Harrington has been one of the few Nuggets to play every game this season so far and has lead one of the most effective benches in the NBA. Harrington has scored over 20 points in two of his last four games and has increased his points per game by almost five points from last year. Harrington has shown the ability to take over games at points and is making Denver forget about Kenyon Martin.


Season stats: PPG: 14.8    RPG: 5.6    APG: 1.2    Stl: 1.2    PER: 19.51

5. Arron Afflalo

Like many Nuggets, Afflalo has missed a couple of games due to injury. But the fourth year man out of UCLA has become one of Denver's leader and has been harassing opposing guards with his tough defense. Afflalo doesn't put up the scoring numbers that are expected of a shooting guard who is just received a five-year, $43 million contract. But Afflalo has been essential in contributing to the defensive manner that George Karl has implemented.


Season Stats: PPG: 11.4    RPG: 2.9    APG: 1.6    Stl: 0.5    PER: 10.95

6. Andre Miller

Miller isn't quite the scoring threat that he was in his first stint in Denver. But the 35-year-old has done a great job coming off the bench as well as filling in when Lawson or Afflalo was hurt. Miller has expressed some opposition to his role saying that he still thinks he should be a starter. This could incline the Nuggets to explore his worth on the market come the trade deadline. Until then, Miller has still proved he can still pass with the best of them and is also serving as a veteran leader on a young Denver team.


Season stats: PPG: 10.5    APG: 7.1    RPG: 3.7    Stl: 1.4    PER: 17.20

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