Nuggets News: Denver Executives Want Tanking Out Of The NBA

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The Denver Nuggets are viewed on a national scale as a small-to-mid market franchise, so why were they one of the 17 teams who decided to vote in favorite of NBA lottery reform?

Here's Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post with his thoughts on the matter:

I think this goes to show not to always believe the hype. Fans — and most members of the media — are up in arms about tanking much more than the teams in the NBA are. I found it interesting that many of the teams who have benefited from getting a star player in the draft were the ones that voted against reform. You mentioned Chicago (Derrick Rose) and Washington (John Wall, Bradley Beal) in the question.

There is no doubt the Nuggets are one of the loudest voices against tanking, but there is also no doubt that getting bad and winning the lottery is the best way for teams not in L.A. or New York or Chicago, to get better. No one, even those for reform, disputes that. The question is: How can the NBA punish those who tank, but still make sure its worst teams are given the best picks? I don't know if it's entirely possible.

The NBA appears to be in a logjam when it comes to fixing a system that is clearly broken in several respects. Denver Nuggets ownership wants to be a part of the solution if they can, regardless of how "tanking" is supposed to help teams in markets like theirs.

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